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Online Competition for Guinness Cyprus – “St Patrick’s competition, March 2024”

Terms and Conditions of the Online Competition for Guinness Cyprus – “St Patrick’s competition, March 2024”

  1. Promoter

Photos Photiades Distributors Limited, with registration number HE 76160, from Giannou Kranidioti Str. 221, 2234, Latsia, Nicosia, Cyprus, being the    official distributor of Guinness announces the competition entitled ” St. Patrick’s competition, March 2024″. The competition is conducted by Delema McCann Cyprus Ltd on behalf of their customer Photos Photiades Distributors Ltd.

  1. Right to Participate

2.1. Only persons who are permanent residents of Cyprus and who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to participate in the Competition.

2.2. Excluded from participation in the Competition are: (a) the employees of the Promoter as well as their first- and second-degree relatives and (b) the employees of Delema McCann Cyprus Ltd and their first- and second-degree relatives.

2.3. Only persons who have completed all the necessary information to be taken as participants shall have the right to participate.

2.4 The Promoter reserves the absolute right to exclude without notice any participation in the Competition for which they believe that inappropriate means have been used, whether technically or otherwise, for participation purposes and/or which they believe to be fraudulent.

  1. Procedure for Participation in the Competition

3.1 Participation in the Competition is through the Social Platform Facebook.

For each user to take part, they must:

  1. A) Like the official page of @Guinness CY
  2. B) Refer (tag) 1 friend

The competition will be contacted via Guinness Cyprus’ official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GuinnessCyprus/

3.2 All entries to the Competition must be received by the expiry date and time specified in clause 4 below. The Promoter does not assume any responsibility for any responses that have been provided from incorrect directions, lost for technical or other reasons, or received after the expiration date and time.

  1. Duration of Competition

The Competition is held as part of an online campaign that will be held throughout Cyprus. The Competition starts from 16:00 p.m. on 5th of March 2024, until 11:59 p.m. on 11th of March 2023.

  1. Competition Gifts

3 winners in Total will win: 24 Guinness Cans, 2 Guinness Pint Glass, 2 Guinness Hat and 2 Guinness T-shirts.

  1. Process for the Nomination of Winners

6.1. The winners of the Competition will be selected by random draw of all users who followed the instructions of the Competition (see 3.1) which will be held on 12th of March 2024 by the company Delema McCann Cyprus Ltd.

6.2. Winners will be notified within 2 days of the draw by personal message on each winner’s Facebook and then on such winner’s phone. In case when the winners do not respond within 3 days of their notification as above described or are unable to receive the gift for any reason, or if the winners cannot be notified upon reasonable efforts, such winners will automatically lose their right to obtain the gift and the Promoter may make such a gift available at its sole discretion as it deems appropriate, without any liability, contractual or by law towards the original winner for having acted as stated above.

6.3 Only the corresponding prizes will be awarded to each winner of the Competition.

  1. Competition Gift Receipt Procedure

7.1. The deadline for receipt of Competition gifts is 2 weeks after the Promoter has notified the winners in accordance with clause 6.2 above.

7.2. Competition gifts must be received by the winners in person after they have shown their valid identity card or passport.

7.3 Each Winner allows the Company to make public his/her name, age, city of residence and face through promotion or, activity of the Competition through public relations and media. This activity is not limited to using only the winner’s name but may include the use of his/her image – in the form of a photo or video. The winner further agrees that he will be available to attend any photo shoot and/or other promotional activity and/or activity throughout Cyprus, of the Company’s media for the purposes of the Competition, at any time.

  1. General Terms of Competition

8.1. Participation in the Competition is completely free and does not require the purchase, either directly or indirectly, of any product distributed by the Promoter.

8.2. Each participant has the right to participate in the Competition with more than one entry.

8.3. The above Competition gifts are specific, cannot be carried and cannot be exchanged or redeemed with money or any other product or exchanged or transferred in any other way.

8.4. In compliance with applicable laws and regulations on the protection of personal data, for the purpose of promoting the Promoter’s business, the Promoter shall have the right to display, by any means in the media, the Competition and/or the outcome of the Competition together with the winners. By participating in the Competition, the winners of the Competition undertake and agree to participate, at the request of the Promoter, at any time in any public event of the Promoter and/or any other promotional activity of the Promoter, for the purposes and in connection with the Competition.

8.5. Subject to applicable laws and regulations, the Promoter may, by handing over the prizes to the winners, photograph the winners for the use of such photographs via television and via print and/or electronic means and/or the internet.

8.6. The Competition has nothing to do with Facebook Inc.  and Instagram Inc. By their participation in the Competition all the participants agree not to be committed by the limitations defines by the companies Facebook Inc., and Instagram Inc, regarding competitions. Participants give their information to the Promoter, not Facebook Inc., and Instagram Inc.

8.7. Participants’ personal data shall be collected and processed by the Promoter in compliance with applicable personal data protection laws and regulations and the Promoter’s Privacy Policy solely for the purposes and in connection with the Competition, including, without limitation, to allow such participants to participate in the Contest and/or claim and/or receive a gift. Each participant has the right at any time to request access to and modification or deletion of the data concerning him or her. Information about the full scope of participants’ rights can be found in the Privacy Policy. The data controller for the purposes of the Competition shall be the Promoter, the contact details of which are given in clause 8.13 below. By submitting his participation the participant accepts and agrees to the processing of his/her  personal data as described in these terms and in accordance with the Promoter’s personal data processing policy which is listed here https://photiadesgroup.com/privacy-notice-cyprus/. The participants’ personal data will be obtained and used only for the purposes of this Competition.

8.8. The Promoter has the right to revoke or change and/or amend any term of the Competition, including a change of any gifts of the Competition, at any time and without notice. Following such revocation, or change and/or amendment, such notice shall be made in the place where the terms and conditions of the Competition are posted and the date of validity of such revocation or change and/or amendment shall be the date of the relevant notice.

8.9 The Promoter shall not be liable to any participant for any direct or indirect damages and/or expenses and/or expenses and/or charges incurred by any participant in connection with and/or as a result of the Competition and/or the gifts of the Competition and/or inability and/or failure of any participant to comply with these terms and conditions and/or any interruption, delay or incorrect participation directions and/or any server, system or network failures, malfunction or inibility where applicable. Furthermore, the Promoter will have no liability, criminal or civil to any winner and/or third party, for any damage they may suffer in connection with the Competition and/or participation in the Competition and/or the gift or for any other reason.

8.10 After the draw has been made and the gift has been delivered to the winner(s), any obligation of the Promoter towards any participant in respect of the Competition ceases to exist. The Promoter will not have any obligation or liability towards any of the participants other than any obligation or liability expressly stated in these terms and conditions.

8.11. These terms and conditions of   the Competition are posted on the Promoter’s website:


8.12. These terms and conditions of the Competition are governed by the laws of the Republic of Cyprus and any dispute arising over the terms and conditions of the Competition will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Cyprus Courts.

8.13. For more details regarding participation in the Competition or any other information or questions participants may send a letter at Griva Digeni 36, Nicosia or call +357 22 660 303 or email at info@delema.com