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LEON Competition

Όροι και Προϋποθέσεις Διαγωνισμού ΛΕΩΝ «Βγες μπροστά στα Λύμπια». Διοργανωτής Η εταιρεία Photos Photiades Distributors Limited, με αριθμό εγγραφής ΗΕ 76160, Λεωφόρος Γιάννου Κρανιδιώτη 221, 2234, Λατσιά, Λευκωσία, Κύπρος, όντας ο επίσημος διανομέας της Λέων προκηρύσσει τον διαγωνισμό με τίτλο «Βγες μπροστά στα Λύμπια». Ο διαγωνισμός διεξάγεται από την εταιρεία GΝΟΜΙ Ltd εκ μέρους του πελάτη της Photos Photiades Distributors Ltd. Δικαίωμα Συμμετοχής στον Διαγωνισμό 2.1. Δικαίωμα συμμετοχής στον Διαγωνισμό έχουν μόνο …Read More

Gender Equality Employer Accreditation at Photos Photiades Breweries

Gender Equality Employer Accreditation at Photos Photiades Breweries Photos Photiades Breweries was awarded with the renewal of its “Gender Equality Employer” Accreditation in a ceremony held by the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance. This important accreditation confirms that Photos Photiades Breweries, despite today’s challenges, remains committed to its goal of maintaining a safe work environment free from any form of discrimination. Η Photos Photiades Breweries επιβραβεύεται για ακόμα μια …Read More

Our Group among the “Golden Companies of Cyprus”

Our Group among the “Golden Companies of Cyprus”  As one of the largest and fastest growing organizations in the country, our Group was recently featured in the special publication “Golden Companies of Cyprus” which honours companies with a history and contribution spanning several decades. Through the presentation and the interview of our Managing Directors Pavlos and Alexis Photiades, our Group’s philosophy and timeless values ​​emerge, as well as our steady …Read More

[EN][GR]International Women’s Day 2021 – #ChooseToChallenge

Today we honour women and their unique role in society and our Group’s history, by committing to the international theme #ChooseToChallenge. Today we honour every woman of our Team who has been contributing daily to our Group’s development and progress through her talent, achievements and tireless dedication. This year, Photos Photiades Group is celebrating Women’s International Day by donating to the following non-profit organizations in the countries which we operate …Read More

[EN][GR] Beverage World adopts the homeless hostel “Estia ton Athinon”

Beverage World adopts the homeless hostel “Estia ton Athinon” and supports the most vulnerable  group of the population As part of our Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility, Beverage World made an important donation to the Municipality of Athens, supporting the most vulnerable group of the population, the elderly homeless. Contributing to the program “Adopt your city”, Beverage World has agreed to ‘Adopt’ the hostel “Estia ton Athinon” (Home of Athens) , which …Read More

[EN][GR] New Major Recognition for Beverage World

New Major Recognition for Beverage World Jose Cuervo’s campaign based on its new strategic drinking proposal Cuervo Paloma won the silver medal at the Ermis Awards 2019, the most leading event of creativity in Greece. Particularly, it awarded in the category “Promotional Film Productions” in Alcoholic Beverages for 2019. The new success in the most recognized institution such as the Ermis Awards, reflects the effectiveness of the strategic approach of the Beverage World …Read More

[EN] ]GR] PPD Group: Major Investment in Romania

PPD Group: Major Investment in Romania State of the Art Storage and Distribution Center totaling 7.750m² PPD, in the context of executing its growth and operational excellence strategy, recently completed a major investment: a state of the art storage and distribution center for its brands in the Romanian market. The investment totaled 5.07€ million and ensures that we have adopted the latest technological trends in warehouse management, as well as …Read More

[EN][GR] Lavazza and Beverage World celebrated their partnership launch

Lavazza and Beverage World celebrated their partnership launch  Our Group enters officially the market of coffee Lavazza and Beverage World hosted an event to celebrate their official partnership launch at Hytra Restaurant, in Athens demonstrating brands’ current positioning and their ambitious plans in the Greek market, as well as Lavazza’s premium product range and its unique expertise in the art of coffee. “We are very proud to celebrate our partnership …Read More

[EN][GR] XMAS Gift Catalogue 2019

XMAS Gift Catalogue 2019 The countdown is on! Time to check gifts off the list. Take a look to our new XMAS Gift Catalogue which include an outstanding collection of the best – known beverage brands. For more details please download our 2019 catalogue in PDF format. Χριστουγεννιάτικος Κατάλογος 2019 Η αντίστροφη μέτρηση για τα Χριστούγεννα έχει αρχίσει. Έφθασε η στιγμή για τη λίστα με τα δώρα. Ο Χριστουγεννιάτικο μας …Read More

[EN] [GR] Photos Photiades Distributors: 20 years of successful partnership with DIAGEO

Photos Photiades Distributors: 20 years of successful partnership with DIAGEO – The global leader in beverage alcohol At the annual Diageo Europe’s Partner Markets Conference which recently took place in Bucharest, Photos Photiades Distributors and Diageo, the global leader in beverage alcohol, celebrated the 20th anniversary of a successful partnership. This year the distinguished conference attended by over 250 people organized by Diageo was hosted by PPD Romania, as it was …Read More