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Photos Photiades Group



Enjoying together every moment 


Photos Photiades Group was founded in 1942 and has grown into one of the largest and most successful, reliable, responsible and fastest evolving private groups of companies in Cyprus and throughout the Balkans. More than 1100 people work for the group, which is a leader in the field of beverages production and distribution, as well as real estate projects and financial services. The group has significant presence in Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Croatia and Slovenia.

Enjoying together every moment 

The group’s motto is to enjoy together with its customers every moment of life.

Whether this is in regards to quality entertainment, healthy lifestyle, luxury housing or the protection provided by a valuable life insurance product, the group’s goal is to provide for every consumer, every single moment, the most enjoyable, qualitative and responsible choice.

Based on its three Fundamental Value Pillars, Credibility, Responsibility and Growth, the Photos Photiades Group managed through time to develop exceptional manufacturing, commerce, financial and marketing skills.
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group_historyIn 1942 Dr. Photos Photiades realized the opportunities created by the emergence of international trade. With presence in Cyprus, Greece and Lebanon, Photos Photiades & Co. became a major international trader covering Europe, China, the United States, Africa and the former Eastern European countries, marking only the beginning of the group’s long success story.
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Beverage Production

In 1966, having the vision of the magnitude and demand for international brands, Mr. Photiades managed to obtain the first ever license to produce Carlsberg Beer outside of Denmark, thus sparking a new era in the Group’s operations. Beverage Production.
Carlsberg Beer became the market leader in Cyprus. Photos Photiades Breweries has grown to a total capacity of over 30 million litres per year, producing Leon and Krauzer Brau Beers along with Carlsberg. It is the leading brewery in Cyprus and one of the most successful of Carlsberg’s breweries worldwide.

The modern Agros Water Bottling Plant, introduced the Agros Natural Mineral Water in 1998, which soon became the market leader.

The local and international award winning Kyperounda Winery, also opened in 1998. A boutique winery owning a private four hectares vineyard with the highest altitude in Europe and producing 300,000 wine bottles of its selective collection per year.

ENA Juices are produced by the group in Cyprus, featuring 100% Orange Juice as well as 5 different tastes of “United Fruit” mixed fruit nectars.

In 2012, Photos Photiades Group introduced the Tazovsky Vodka first in the Romanian market, under the “Intelligently distilled” concept. A product based on an old Russian recipe, bearing proudly the name of the coldest Russian region.

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In 1995, the Group formed Photos Photiades Distributors dedicated to the sales, marketing and distribution of high quality international brands along with its own products. In 1999 the Company commenced an exclusive distribution partnership with Diageo, that gradually expanded to Romania, Croatia and Slovenia. In 2005 the group’s distribution operations entered the Greek market.

Photos Photiades Distributors Ltd is the leading (No1) beverage and tobacco distributor in Cyprus.

PT Beverage World is a leading imported beer, water and mixers distributor in Greece.

Sollers PPD SRL Romania is the leading (No1) distributor of premium imported spirits in Romania.

PPD Croatia is Croatia’s leading premium beverages distributor with an outstanding collection of beverage brands across spirits, wine and water.

PPD Slovenia is one of Slovenia’s leading premium beverages distributors with an outstanding collection of spirit and wine brands.
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Strategic Partners

Photos Photiades Group, has been remarkably successful in building strong, reliable and long lasting relationships with its valuable Partners, most of them being world leaders in their business sectors.
Companies like Carlsberg Group, Diageo, Danone, Grouppo Campari, Grupo Modelo, Moet Hennessy, Jose Guervo, Osotspa, Lanson and many others, trust Photos Photiades Group with their products in various markets.
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Awards1The awards that we have received over the years, underline our commitment to excellence and the quality we strive to provide. They are not just a token of appreciation, but a mark of motivation for us to keep standing out in every aspect of our activities.
Almost every product, process, service or CSR initiative of ours has been highly awarded both by public authorities and our partners.
Making us even more proud.

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Real Estate

The Photos Photiades Group is a major land owner in Cyprus and Greece, investing in real estate since the 1950s. Currently it owns over 2400 hectares of land ripe for development in Cyprus and Greece, having a remarkable portfolio of completed projects and projects in the pipeline.

In Cyprus:

The Photos Photiades Business Center – completed in 2003.

The Nicosia City Mansions project – completed in 2012

The Carolina Park – 500 houses and housing plots, public park areas and commercial centre – is currently  on construction phase B.

The Ayios Nicolaos Plot in Akamas peninsula – masterplaned to create an integrated golf resort with luxury hotels, marina, spots centers etc.

In Greece:

Triopetra Bay Resort in Crete’s sea coast – masterplaned to create a resort of hotels and private villas.

The Athens Elliniko Residential Project in Athens – completed in 2010

The Emerald Terraces Residential Project in Glyfada – Under Construction

Photos Photiades Group also owns significant plots of land, earmarked for future masterplanning and development.

A plot of 12.000.000 m2, with 4.000m long sea coast in the Cephalonia island.

A unique site of 75.000 m2, located just outside the famous Spa Town of Loutraki.

A seaside site of 265.000 square meters in Toxeftra, Cyprus.

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Financial Services

group_universalEstablished in 1970, Universal Life is one of the leading life insurance companies in Cyprus, providing a full range of insurance products and covering the whole of Cyprus with 7 regional offices.

In 2008, Universal Life became a subsidiary of Photos Photiades Group, marking the group’s entry into the financial services sector.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

friends_logo_150Within the framework of its long and versatile social and cultural contributions the Photos Photiades Group has been actively involved in actions that promote sustainable development, society and culture.

The group’s “Friends CSR Program” (“Φίλοι” in Greek language), covers numerous initiatives towards the Community, the Environment, Sports, Creativity of Young People and promoting Responsible Drinking.

The “Photos Photiades Foundation“, established in 1994, is a Scientific, Cultural, Charity and Enviromental Institution.

In 1996, the Foundation created “The Cyprus Museum of Natural History” with a collection consisting of about 2,500 exhibits.

Codes of conduct cover the group’s operations in the Workplace and its presence in the Marketplace.
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