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General Information

Photos Photiades Group entered beverage production back in 1968, when it first started brewing Carlsberg Beer. Since then the Group developed the production of a number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, most of them being today market leaders.

Enjoying together state of the art creations

The group’s production facilities are distinguished by contemporary production methods, high end technology and top of the line machinery. All production processes implement excellent quality control and utilise exceptional raw materials.

Carlsberg Beer, Agros Natural Mineral Water, Petritis Dry White Wine and Tazovsky Vodka being our strategic products and primary production drivers.


Photos Photiades Breweries Ltd

production_brewery1Photos Photiades Breweries Ltd, is the group’s company that owns and operates the Cyprus Carlsberg Brewery, the historic flagship of the group and the first Brewery outside Denmark licensed to produce Carlsberg beer, pioneering the production of Carlsberg worldwide. The new – latest technology – Brewhouse built in 2001, has a capacity of 30 million lt per year, it’s the largest in Cyprus and covers approximately 65% of the local Beer production. It brews Carlsberg, Leon and Krauzer Brau Beers.   Learn more


Blue Sky Mountain Springs Ltd

production_agrosBlue Sky Mountain Springs Ltd is the bottler of the Agros Natural Mineral Water at the Agros Bottling Plant, the largest and most technologically advanced bottled water production facility in Cyprus. Learn more
Blue Sky also produces ENA Juices. 100% natural orange juice and a series of 5 United Fruit nectar’s. Learn more


Kyperounda Winery Ltd

production_kyperounda The most awarded and successful winery in Cyprus. A boutique winery owning a private vineyard, producing a range of small quantity and exceptional quality wines.   Learn more

Tazovsky Vodka

production_tazovskyThe group produces the Intelligently Distilled Tazovsky Vodka. A seven times distilled vodka, based on a very old russian recipe, firstly introduced in Romania. Learn more