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A leading representative in South Eastern Europe

Photos Photiades Group has extensive experience in the field of consumer goods since 1942. The Group’s dynamic entrance into the beverage category was marked by the operation of the Cyprus Carlsberg Brewery in 1969. Leveraging on the extensive distribution network created through delivery of Carlsberg beer, the Group formed Photos Photiades Distributors in 1998, a company dedicated to the sales, marketing and distribution of high quality international brands. In 1999, the Company commenced an exclusive distribution agreement with Diageo, a thriving partnership that expanded gradually to Romania, Croatia and Slovenia.

Today, a unique distribution network and inventory fully computerized with SAP systems, acclaimed partnerships with many of the world’s best partners in the sector, significant exclusive distribution agreements, the numerous pr – advertising campaigns and the thousands of events and promotions  it successfully accomplishes every year  in every region that it operates in, established the Group as a very specialized partner in sales, marketing and distribution services.

With a powerful presence in almost all categories of beverages, the Group is active in five geographical markets: Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Croatia and Slovenia and it is recognized as one of the leading beverage representatives in South Eastern Europe.

Enjoying together world’s leading brands

Carlsberg Beer, Johnnie Walker, J&B, Smirnoff, Belvedere, Gordon’s Gin, Guinness, Baileys, Jose Cuervo, Campari, Aperol, Evian, Moet & Chandon, Dom Perignon, Corona, St Miguel, SHARK, Lanson, GabrielBoudier, Monin, Agros, KEAN, Boutari Wines, e.t.c., are only a small fraction of the brands the Group handles and distributes in various markets.

In each country section of photiadesgroup.com you may find the full brand portfolio, with detailed information of every product. Based on our commitment to ensure that our consumers have the best possible information from which to make informed choices about our products, we’ve included detailed ingredient and nutrition information for each one.


Photos Photiades Distributors Ltd

cyprusPhotos Photiades Distributors Ltd, is the group’s driving force in the market and the mother company of all our commercial, distribution and marketing operations. It is the leading (No. 1) beverage distributor in Cyprus.

Established: 1998

Main partners
: Carlsberg, Diageo, Moët Hennessy, Jose Cuervo, Grupo Modelo, SHARK, Kean, Boutari Wines and many others.

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PT Beverage World SA – Greece

greecePT Beverage World is a major imported beer, tequila, champagne, water and mixers distributor in Greece.

Established: 2005

Main partners:Lavazza, Campari Group, Artisan Spirits, Vantguard, Sazerac, Mc Cormick.

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PPD Romania

romaniaPPD Romania is the leading (No1) distributor of premium imported spirits in Romania

Established: 2006

Main partners
: Diageo, Gruppo Campari, San Pellegrino, Monin, and others.

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croatiaPPD Croatia is Croatia’s leading premium beverages distributor with an outstanding collection of beverage brands across spirits, wine and water.

Established: 2008

Main partners
: Diageo, Danone, Jose Cuervo, Henkel Trocken, Monin, Pommery, Gruppo Campari, Illva Saronno

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sloveniaPPD Slovenia is one of Slovenia’s leading premium beverages distributors with an outstanding collection of spirit and wine brands.

Established: 2012

Main partners
: Diageo, Illva Saronno and Jose Cuervo

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