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Friends CSR Program

The Friends CSR Program – “Φίλοι” in Greek –  drives all the group’s actions  towards the community, the environment, sports, creativity and – of course – responsible drinking.

It is the Group’s vision to be substantial Friends, elevating together with our partners, customers, suppliers and neighbors our scale for good. To be innovators, leaders and contributors to an inclusive society and a healthy environment. To always be part of the solution and never be part of the problem.

That is why Photos Photiades Group focusses not only on traditional areas of action like the environment and society, but also on being a pioneer in promoting respect in sports for more than 3 decades, awarding and supporting creativity of all forms, and of course working hard towards responsible drinking.


Responsible Drinking

join_the_pactResponsible drinking is a priority for Photos Photiades Group. Thus, we have invested in efforts to promote responsible drinking by supporting initiatives which educate people and providing balanced information about the nature and effects of alcohol consumption.

We aim for people to drink responsibly, promoting that the misuse of alcohol causes problems for both individual consumers and for society as a whole.
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friends_environmentPhotos Photiades Group’s environmental policy and philosophy expresses the commitment to make every effort required to improve or safeguard the environment and act in an environmentally-responsible manner in regard to operations, products and services.

Through various actions, the Group manage to reduce emmissions, volume of waste and water use.

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friends_societyThe group, loyal to its values and its established philosophy, takes numerous initiatives to return to the public all the love and support that the community is showing towards us. We continue to offer to our society as much as possible.
From the Cyprus refugee children back in 1974, the various scholarships, our countless donations to Non Governmental Organisations to the Carlsberg Care Festival recently established, we do our best to consistently support our community.


friends_creativityWe believe in initiative and creativity. We consider these virtues as the only way for our society to move forward. Photos Photiades Group organises for many years now the “Johnnie Walker Man Of The Year Awards” both in Cyprus and Romania, awarding men who achieved results that promote progress. We strongly support both through donations and knowhow innovative organisations and initiatives that aim to promote and assist creativity of any form.


Since 1971 we established in association with the local football federation the “ethos and virtue prize”. Promoting the values of “respect” and “fair play” long, before they were adopted by UEFA and FIFA. Today in Cyprus we have 12 regional and rural football federations. We, at Photos Photiades Group, are the main sponsors of the 184 clubs that consist the 9 of these federations. We substantially support grassroots sport.