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The Environmental Policy of Photos Photiades Breweries Ltd is based on the following principles and implementations. To achieve this, we have set up an Environmental Management System, which ensures that all the operations of the Company are according to the requirements of the EN ISO14001:2015 and takes into account the impact on the environment.


  • We operate with the absolute respect to the environment and we aim to the continual improvement of our environmental performance through international standards and systems.
  • We implement pollution prevention programmes which aim to minimize the environmental impact of our operations.
  • We comply with all applicable legal requirements, both local and EU, which relate to our environmental aspects as well as other requirements to which the organisation subscribes and are in relation to this topic.


  • We identify and record the environmental issues and aspects associated with our activities and we incorporate them into the environmental management of our everyday business practices.
  • We take all the necessary measures to minimize the amount of waste we produce and we contribute to the management of our products at the end of their life cycle, whilst we parallel seek ways to recover the packaging material through re-use or recycling [/one_half]
  • Through the use of environmentally sound technology we significantly contribute to the reduction of energy and water, upholding at the same time the highest standards of quality and meeting the expectations of interested parties.
  • We monitor and review our environmental objectives and targets and implement action plans, addressing effective use of raw materials and management of risks. To achieve these objectives, the organisation exerts the necessary controls and allocates the necessary resources, using the best available practices.
  • We ensure through training and coaching that all the employees actively contribute to the environmental management and they are aware of their individual responsibilities for acting in accordance with this policy.
  • This policy and our environmental performance are available to all the interested parties with the aim that they can positively contribute to our Environmental Management System.



We reduce emissions

We re-collect and re-use the carbon dioxide that is being produced during the fermentation process. By this action, 670,000 kg of carbon dioxide is being used for production purposes instead of being released to the atmosphere.

We invest in renewable energy. The photovoltaic power station installed at our Brewery produces energy that covers 5% of our consumption. 

By installing the innovative ‘Power Star 250KVA’ system, we have achieved a 12% energy saving. The innovative ‘stromboli Energy Recovery System’ secures a 60% less thermal energy. The new electronic distribution system we use, ensures a 7.5% less fuel usage


By renewing the old vehicles to new ones, we reduce gas emission that can be harmful to the environment.

We recycle


We have managed to bottle and distribute a 75% of our beer in returnable/reusable bottles. By accomplishing this, the pollution caused by glass and aluminium cans production is highly restricted


Our aim is to re-use solid waste. We have managed to create a very good quality cattle food just by filtering the 3.500 tons of barley generated each time after the brewing process.


By recycling glass, paper and plastic that is of no use anymore, we have managed to reduce litter volume by 17%. Furthermore, we recollect and then recycle all our plastic crates and convert them into a new material for packaging use.  

By placing recycling bins in the factory’s premises, we manage to keep glass, aluminum and paper separate and ready for recycle

We manage water

Water1By investing in new technology and by creating awareness to the personnel, we have achieved 42% reduction of water consumption.


Since 1991 we have installed our own wastewater treatment plant. The aforementioned installation gives us the opportunity to collect and process used water for watering our gardens as well as nearby cultivations.

We participate

Our Brewery is a voluntary member of the Business4Climate initiative, aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 8% until 2030. This European program is a project of the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation, the Cyprus University of Technology and the Department of Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.

Our group is of the maim founders of Green – Dot organisation. Green – Dot undertakes the responsibility for communicating the need for recycling and for the environmental protection. Our group is also part of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry which undertakes actions against climate change.