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Quality Assurance

Quality Policy

The management of Photos Photiades Group is dedicated at developing a culture of quality excellence within Photos Photiades Breweries Limited, Photos Photiades Distributors Limited, Blue Sky (Mountain Springs) Limited, and Kyperounta Winery Limited with the ultimate aim to produce, store, distribute and deliver quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic products which fully satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations.


Quality Assurance


The Group’s Quality Policy is achieved through two support pillars: financial return and continuous improvement, and the development and training of our personnel, both of which are geared towards consumer satisfaction. Through these we pursue the following targets:

  1. We aim at the highest quality in all the products we produce or handle as imposed by the high international standards and specifications.
  1. We have zero tolerance on any customer complains which refer to quality.
  1. We offer quality service to our customers through our delivery schedules and for the continued quality image of our products at our customer’s displays.
  1. We effectively train our personnel on the importance of freshness, proper storage and handling of our products and on their impact on quality.
  1. We unconditionally never allow the sale of any product which will under any circumstances pose any health hazard to the consumer.
  1. We monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of our Management Systems through internal audits, management reviews and other measures with the aim of its continuous improvement.
  1. We communicate with our suppliers and customers for ensuring the effectiveness of our operations and management systems.

The policy and the requirements of the management systems and the Group targets are communicated to the Group personnel. The responsibility for assuring the quality of our products and services, rests with each one of us individually.