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Values and Strengths

Our Three Value Pillars

The basic ingredients for the success of the Photos Photiades Group are its values.

It’s concrete commitment on Reliability

It’s absolute determination on Responsibility

And, it’s never ending strive for Growth.

The three value pillars that influence the Group’s strategic perspective and the manner in which its people work, every day, in every region, every sector and every aspect of the Group’s operations, since 1942 that the Group was founded.

Reliability,Responsibility and  Growth, are represented in the three elements that constitute the new logo of the Photos Photiades Group, introduced in 2013. All three elements together resemble the greek letter “Φ” – pronounced “Ph” in the english language. The logo is used on all functions of the group, in colouring that changes depending on the sector or the service.

Light Blue for the Group and the Production and Distribution sector. Brown for Land Development, Green for Social Responsibility and Gold for the Photos Photiades Foundation. Universal Life Insurance has its own logo, unaltered since 1970.




We stand out for our passion and persistence in whatever we undertake to accomplish.

We aim at providing the highest quality and perfection in our products, services and every other function.

Consumer satisfaction is our highest priority. We learn what they want and we aim at satisfying their every need, every day.

We are dedicated on achieving continuously positive but rationally developing results.

We honour our commitments and we finish what we start.

We are honest, true and reliable. To our customers, consumers and partners



We provide a secure, healthy and modern workplace environment to our people.

We follow strict marketplace policies and quality assurance processes to secure the quality of our products and services.

We are committed to conduct our business according to current rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards.

We protect the environment in our premisses and actively promote sustainable development.

We actively support culture, science, creativity, sports and  local communities.

We promote Responsible Drinking and adopt self regulation codes.



We continuously invest in new business sectors, spread the business risk, and expand our operations with remarkable results overseas.

We are eager for big challenges and we encourage new ideas being willing to adopt them with a positive attitude.

We are team players, we support and respect one another, promoting shared knowledge and group approach.

We continuously adopt the latest technology, production methods and service processes available.

We educate and train our people to be able to face every contemporary need or challenge. Our people are the group’s growth spearhead.


Core Strengths

Currently in it’s 8th decade of operation, Photos Photiades Group, based on its values and vast expertise, managed to be established as a business group of prominent professionalism amongst its millions of customers and world known partners.

Photos Photiades Group has become well known in the Balkans for its core strengths:

Healthy and responsible business initiatives
The Photos Photiades Group of companies is continuously growing, through diversification into new markets, through driving penetration in existing markets and through acquisition of distinguished exclusive agreements, always with respect for the diversity of habits and cultures of each country and its markets.

Long-term success and growth
Devoted to their customers since 1942, with creativity, pioneering ideas and experience, the people of Photos Photiades Group constantly seek new ways to satisfy the consumer public. With an ever growing range of products and services, they have managed to enrich and mark significant events in the daily lives of consumers in all countries in which they are active.

Robust, Long-Lasting and Highly Successful partnerships
Long-term and exclusive collaborations are the key to the successful growth of Photos Photiades Group. Strong collaborations that have not only withstood the test of time but have also brought many awards, from internationally acclaimed companies, such as: Carlsberg, Diageo, Moet Hennessy, BAT, Evian, Pommery, Marnier Lapostolle, Fernet Branca and others.

Market presence and Marketing Excellence
The substantial investment in advertising and promotion by the Photos Photiades Group as a whole, has resulted in excellent relations with the Media and the Trade. Consequently, the Group, its brands and its services enjoy high awareness by consumers. Being able to comply with the high marketing needs of its various multinational partners, the Group has managed to develop excellence and automation in marketing and PR processes.