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Universal Life Insurance

General Information

universal_logoIncorporated as a private company by prominent Cypriot businessmen in 1970, Universal Life was the first insurance company to be founded in Cyprus after the enactment of the local insurance legislation. Universal Life was instrumental in the development of the life insurance industry in Cyprus through the introduction of new insurance concepts and the advancement of insurance values amongst Cypriots.

Today, Universal Life is one of the most prominent life insurance companies of the island and the leading company in the local accident and health sector. Universal Life is acknowledged as the most trustworthy and credible insurance company by Cypriot consumers as it has been recorded multiple times in various research.

In 2008 the Universal Life Group became a subsidiary of Photos Photiades Group.

The Company’s products are distributed through a network of professional and highly trained full time insurance agents.

Furthermore, Universal Life is a socially responsible company that has a policy to give back to society by being an active contributor in areas that have a positive impact on the quality of life of all Cypriots thus giving a true meaning to its motto “because life is precious”.

Investment Funds

Universal Life currently operates four Internal Investment Funds which consist of units of equal value. Each Fund has its own investment policy and you can invest in any combination of the four Funds depending on the risk you are prepared to take.

Universal Growth Fund
Universal Growth Fund aims to achieve high, long-term return mainly from capital and income gains.

Universal Property Fund
Universal Property Fund aims to achieve relatively high, long term return mainly from investments in real estate.

Universal Security Fund
Universal Security Fund aims to achieve a satisfactory long term return mainly from fixed income investments.

Universal Guaranteed Fund
Universal Guaranteed Fund provides a guaranteed return, which is calculated in relation to the base interest rate – repo rate of the European central bank.  The Fund invests mainly in bank deposits.


Insurance Products

Universal Life offers a complete range of life, accident & health and pension products.


Term Insurance
Because the unexpected is part of life.
Triple Protection in one package.
Yes to insurance cover, yes to building up capital.
Lifetime protection for your family.
Comprehensive insurance protection for all your life.
For open minded women, like you.
UniMaster Plus
The educational plan that belongs exclusively to your child.
Immediate Investment.
Investor’s Plan
For systematic investment with low insurance cost.
Endowment Scheme
Systematic Saving & Stability.

Accident & Health

The best selling health scheme in Cyprus.
We will stand by you, no matter what happens.
Hospital Plan
A simple and inexpensive medical expenses plan to cover you in case you need to stay in a hospital or clinic.
Medical Cover for Foreign Employees
A simple medical plan for all foreign employees who live in Cyprus
Personal Accident
In order to have a financial backup in the unfortunate case of an accident.


Have you planned for the years to come?
Life Income
For a guaranteed, fixed income for life.

Group Products

Group Life
Protection for the families of your employees the most inexpensive way
Build up capital for your employees or your members for increasing their benefits at retirement
Group MultiCare
Group MultiCare
Group Medical
Group Medical is a comprehensive and inexpensive health plan, which ensures that you and your dependants are adequately covered.




Management Team

Board of Directors

Dr. Photiades Photos Ja.,
Georgiou George A.,
Vice Chairman
Georgiou Andreas
Dekatris Constantinos
Severis Demosthenis
Iacovidou Agrotou Maria
Solomides Socrates
Photiades Alexis Ph.
Photiades Pavlos Ph.
Christodoulides Stavros

Contact us


Universal Tower
85, Dhigenis Akritas Avenue
P.O Box 21270
1505 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel.: +357 22882222
Fax.: +357 22882200
email: info@unilife.com.cy