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The Kyperounda Winery

The Winery

Situated in this idyllic setting and designed to the specifications of experienced winemakers, the Kyperounda Winery is built on three levels in order to take advantage of gravity to move the grape juice in the gentlest possible way. The winery’s underground cellar holds two hundred and fifty 225lt oak barrels, in which the wine of Kyperounda matures and develops character.

The winery is located at Kyperounda, in the Pitsilia area of the Troodos range, 75 km from Nicosia and 50 km from Limassol.  It prides itself for the unusually high altitude (at 1400 metres it is the highest in Europe and one of the highest of the world).  It was setup in the late 1990s by a few local grape producers and in the year 2000, Photos Photiades Group joined as a major shareholder.

Today the company is owned by more than 40 shareholders with control and management placed in the hands of the Photos Photiades Group. Their expertise combines the knowledge in beverage distribution and the art of wine making. This blends with the support of a most capable and talented young oenologist, Mr Minas Mina, a formula that has succeeded in delivering wines of the highest quality. The production capacity of the winery is about 300,000 bottles.


The vineyards

Kyperounda_vineThe winery runs its own vineyards of 12 hectares recently planted with Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes. Additionally, it buys grapes from local producers as well as from vine growers of Kilani and as far as the Paphos region. The Kyperounda vineyards have always been famous for their superior quality.

The privately owned vineyards are located at Kyperounda area. The sandy clay soil, the steeply sloping terrain and the high altitude shape a perfect environment for the production of superb wine grapes. The low yields and favorable mild temperatures, which are unique to the region, produce perfectly ripened grapes of the highest quality.


The Wines

The winery’s first wines were bottled in 2003 and their appearance on the local wine market gave a shake-up to the still waters of complacency in matters of wine.

Today the winery produced the following wines:
Kyperounda Cabernet Sauvignon
Kyperounda Chardonnay
Kyperounda Shiraz
Kyperounda Petritis
Kyperounda Andesitis
Kyperounda Rose
Kyperounda Commandaria.

Recently the winery launch in the market the latest and the most premium range of wines. The name of the new range is ‘’EPOS’’. The EPOS red from the varieties Syrah & Cabernet Sauvignon and EPOS white from the variety Chardonnay, constitute a new option for our special moments.

Contact Us

102 Griva Digeni Avenue
4876 Kyperounta
Limassol, Cyprus

Tel:  +357 25532043
Fax: +357 25813242
Contact: Mr. Minas Mina, Oenologist
email: minas.mina@photiadesgroup.com