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Photos Photiades Foundation

foundation_photiadesWithin the framework of its long and versatile social and cultural contributions, Dr. Photos Photiades established in 1994 the “Photos Photiades Foundation” a Scientific and Cultural Charity Institution.

The Foundation continues the  Photos Photiades Group‘s tradition of participating and generously contributing to various social activities, whilst its public gestures include numerous scholarships, grants to charity, culture, education, sports and other fields. It also contributes vastly towards sustainable development by sponsoring annual competitions, encouraging the planting of trees and protecting the environment.  For the protection of the environment the Photos Photiades Group of Companies has been officially prized by the State, with the “Protection of the Environment Award”.



foundation_natureOne of Photos Photiades Foundation’s first projects, in their long list, was the establishment, in 1996, of the Cyprus Museum of Natural History, in a specially designed building located within the beautiful gardens of the Cyprus Carlsberg Brewery, on the outskirts of Nicosia.

It is a remarkable, fully organized museum of European standards, that contributes to the ample enlightenment of the public on the flora, fauna and geology of Cyprus. Thousands of people visit the museum every year, serving the need to raise awareness for the preservation of our ecosystem.

Visit the Cyprus Museum of Natural History


foundation_scienceThe Foundation essentially contributes towards elevating education. Dr Photos Photiades was a prominent member of the first group of people that took the initiative and contributed for the establishment of the University of Cyprus. Additionally, the foundation donates substantially for schools to acquire advanced equipment.

Photos Photiades Foundation has presented awards to recognise the notable achievements of scientists and outstanding personalities who have made vital contributions to science and society in general, such as Nobelist Christoforos Pissarides and Kyriacos Neokleous.

In 2000, Photos Photiades Foundation provided a generous donation to the Leukemia Karaiskakio Foundation, assisting it to get vital equipment of high scientific significance, contributing its strive to save lives.



foundation_cultureWe strongly believe that cultural heritage is one of our most valuable assets. Photos Photiades Foundation took numerous initiatives in order to preserve and sustain unique historic landmarks. The Foundation undertook the restoration of the Hatzigeorgakis Kornesios Mansion in old Nicosia, that now operates as the Cyprus Ethnological Museum, as well as the hideout of Gregoris Afxentiou at Saranti. The Foundation supported the archaelogical excavation on the Akama area  (Saint Konona).

Photos Photiades Foundation has established the Costas Montis and Marios Tokas Annual Awards in memory of these 2 great Cypriots. Our team coordinates with the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Greek-Cypriot Literalists Association for the organisation of the process that will lead to the awarding of these special prizes.

Photos Photiades Foundation also undertook the erection of a number of busts in memory of a lot of prominent Cyprus’s Personalities. Amongst these initiatives, are busts and monuments that resemble the late:

Sofia Vembo, National Singer.foundation_bust
Pavlos Xioutas, Cypriot author
– Aliki Vougiouklaki, Greece’s National Cinema Star
– Nearchos Clerides a great teacher, historian and writer from the village of Agros
Marios Tokas, Cypriot music composer
Costas Montis, Cypriot poet
Vasilis Michaelides, Cypriot poet
Demetris Lipertis, Cypriot poet
Pavlos Liasides, Cypriot

Further, the Foundation contributes and sponsors the publishing of various books and theatre productions.