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Agros Water Bottling Plant

Agros Natural Mineral water

Blue Sky
Agros Natural Mineral water was launched in the local market in 1998.The Agros Natural Mineral water source is located at the village of Agros in the mountain range of Troodos. Agros village is renowned for its’ perennial springs and has the reputation for having the best water in Cyprus. Agros natural mineral water is bottled at source under strict quality control.

Agros was the first local bottled water to receive the EU source recognition as “Natural Mineral Water”. Additionally and in line with the Group’s commitment for delivering superior quality and safe products, the manufacturing procedures have been certified with the quality system according to the requirements of ISO9001 since the beginning of the bottling operations. In 2003, Agros becomes the first water to be certified with the Food Safety System HACCP whilst in 2016 the Natural Mineral water achieves an even more prestigious certification in terms of Food Safety. The certification is based on FSSC22000 proving once more Agros’ continuous commitment, improvement and leading position in terms of food safety and quality.

Argos village

The picturesque village of Agros is situated at almost 1100 metres above sea level, at the slopes of Troodos Mountain, in the heart of Pitsilia and the entire island of Cyprus. It is renowned for its dry and healthy climate and the hospitality of its inhabitants. The village maintains its traditional character and offers a natural and built environment of unrivalled beauty, with significant historical, religious and cultural sites.

The springs of Agros village are enriched for centuries by six streams and are the only springs in Cyprus that have never dried. The natural process through the rocky mountain of Troodos gives AGROS mineral water a unique, soft and rich composition.



ARGOS natural mineral water comes straight from the mountain spring to your table, without being touched by a human hand during the bottling process. Using the latest technology by the world renowned company SIDEL, the bottling factory of AGROS water utilizes the most advanced technology in the bottling procedure.




AGROS natural mineral water is committed in minimizing the loss of water, as well as the use of electricity and raw materials.


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