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Cono Sur

Isla Negra Red

Isla Negra is a division of Cono Sur Vineyards and Winery. It was created in 1995 to contribute to a worldwide demand for high quality and great value wines. With an intense deep ruby red colour, Isla Negra Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot is bright with alluring violet gleams. Aromatic notes of plums mingle with chocolate. The palate is elegant and flavour some with soft tannins and a superbly long aftertaste. …Read More

Isla Negra White

Isla Negra is a division of Cono Sur Vineyards and Winery. It was created in 1995 to contribute to a worldwide demand for high quality and great value wines. Isla Negra White is an attractive yellow Chilean wine expresses an elegant and aromatic herbaceous nose, where slightly sweet notes of citrus mingle with grapefruit and peach. In mouth, this Sauvignon Blanc / Chardonnay is refreshing and elegant, soft and balanced. Ideal …Read More

Varietals Cabernet Sauvignon

Deep, impressive ruby-red colour, which suggests concentrated grapes harvested at the right moment. Its nose is governed by pleasant notes of plum, raspberry and sweet spices, while in this wine’s mouth chocolate and subtle hints of vanilla can be appreciated. A very structured, balanced, long and elegant Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is a great option to accompany burgers, grilled meats and chorizo. It also goes great with strong cheeses, lamb, …Read More

Varietals Chardonnay

This Chardonnay has a beautiful, young yellow colour with golden hints. Exuberant and complex, this wine conveys refreshing citrus aromas, fruity notes of white peaches, along with mineral hints. In mouth complex fruity flavours mingle in with lovely mineral notes. Our Varietals Chardonnay is a young and fresh wine, very balanced, with a great acidity. A sure bet for almost all naturally oily and/or white meats: duck, pork, lamb, salmon; the …Read More

Varietals Merlot

A soft and serious Merlot. A wine of great tipicity and remarkable fruit expression. This wine’s colour is dark and intense. In nose, concentrated notes of black fruit and soft hints of sweet toasted oak. In mouth this Merlot surprises with its excellent structure, balanced acidity, fruit intensity and pleasantly ripe tannins. Undoubtedly to be drunk young. Merlot can be served with steaks, burgers, duck, lamb, and pork. It also …Read More

Varietals Gewürztraminer

From the cold, clayish land of Bío-Bío, this beautiful green-yellow Gewürztraminer displays a complex and expressive nose filled with the aromatic presence of fresh fruits, rose petals and hints of spices and litchi fruit. In mouth, it’s an expressive, fresh and savoury wine, with stone fruit notes. A rich, opulent, young Gewürztraminer, very balanced and persistent. A great wine to enjoy on its own as an aperitif wine. Gewürztraminer goes …Read More

Varietals Pinot Rosé

Cultivated in one of the world´s southernmost wine regions, the Bío Bío Valley, this Pinot Rosé is a brilliant pink with blue-violet hues. Elegant and intense, the nose displays aromas of red fruits such as cherries and sour cherries. The soft and juicy palate makes this a refreshing and fine wine. Rosé wines are know for their great pairing abilities, certainly true of this Pinot Rosé. Serve as a delicious …Read More

Varietals Sauvignon Blanc

Elegant, expressive and dressed in a green-yellow shade of colour, this Sauvignon Blanc impresses with its citrus notes of grapefruit and green apple, which mingle in with herbal hints. In mouth, its freshness and balance specially stand out, along with its citric notes and pleasant mineral ending. It’s a great wine for an aperitif. This wine is an excellent choice to serve as an aperitif or next to vegetarian combinations. …Read More

Varietals Syrah

A Syrah whose appearance is highly intense. Vigorous and upfront, it stands out for its dark red concentrated colour. In nose this wine is rich in notes of red fruit which combine with sweet spicy tones of chocolate, mocha and a delicately elegant violet-like touch. Some nice final notes of toasted oak are perceived, due to its aging time in barrels. In mouth, this Syrah presents a pleasant texture. Structured …Read More

20 Barrels Pinot Noir

An elegant, voluptuous Pinot Noir with a deep, clean and bright ruby red colour. The nose carries through with amazing finesse and complexity, where notes of fresh cherry, strawberry, raspberry and plum, mingle in with leather and smoked hints in the background. Outstanding extraction, deliciously long and soft finish. This sophisticated and complex wine is the result of New World fruit vinified according to Burgundy’s tradition. Generally known as a …Read More