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[EN] [RO]Aperol wins Forbes 100 Cool Brands Award

Aperol wins Forbes 100 Cool Brands Award

We proudly announce that Aperol won the 1st place in the alcoholic beverages category and 44th place in top 100 COOL Brands Gala powered by Forbes Romania, 2015 edition. This year’s list marks a complete selection of brands in different industries, from IT&C to fashion retailers, automobile, food and beverage industry and cosmetic field.

To identify the coolest 100 brands, each year Forbes editorial team proposes a list of more than 400 brands. These brands are going through an extended selection based on an exhaustive documentation that takes into consideration specifically reports on various domains, brand awareness and reputation, also a media and advertising audit which includes also the blogosphere. The final selection is made by 100 opinion leaders who are searching and highlighting the COOL element for the given brands.

The selection of the key opinion leaders, the interviews alongside their responses analyses and interpretation was made by Antz, a trend-hunting company, well-known for its authoritativeness in analyzing the trends, also in scanning, understanding and forecasting the consumer behavior.

The selected 100 trendsetters participating in this COOL Brands survey have selected 10 brands per category taking into consideration their COOL element and their option generated Forbes 100 COOL Brands. Some of the most important people taking part in this survey are Vali Barbulescu (visual artist, MIX-MEDIA ARTIST), Tibi Hristu (scenographer),  Oana Toma (entrepreneur, EXPERIENCE CURATOR), Florin Stanciu (geneticist), Adina Rosetti (journalist), Bogdan Daragiu (film director), Anamaria Hancu (communication specialist) and Marina Moldovan (designer).

Aperol, once again demonstrated that is one of the most valuable brands. Nevertheless, the recognition of its coolness and the prize received are the assets influencing further COOL campaigns where with people are reasoning and appreciate it. The prize was awarded during an intimate Gala and was hand over by “one of the coolest” key opinion leaders in the person of Vali Barbulescu, well-known media person.


Aperol a Fost premiat in Topul Forbes 100 Cool Brands


Ne bucura sa anuntam ca Aperol a castigat locul I in categoria bauturilor alcoolice si locul 44 in topul 100 Cool Brands, editia 2015, sustinut de Forbes Romania. Editia din acest an a reunit branduri din mai multe industrii, de la IT&C la automobile, cosmetice si industria alimentara si a bauturilor.

Pentru a descoperi cele 100 de branduri, fiecare echipa editoriala Forbes a propus o lista cu peste 400 de branduri. Aceste branduri au fost trecute apoi printr-un proces extins de selectie, atent documentat, care a tinut cont de mai multe tipuri de rapoarte, indicatori de brand dar si de un audit de media si advertising ce a inclus si blogosfera. Selectia finala a fost realizata de 100 de lideri de opinie, care au evidentiat elementul COOL definitoriu al fiecarui brand.

Selectia liderilor de opinie, precum si analiza si interpretarea raspunsurilor pe care le-au oferi au fost coordonate de compania specializata in trend-hunting Antz.

Cei 100 lideri de opinie care au participat la studiul COOL Brands au selectat cate 10 branduri pentru fiecare categorie si au creat astfel topul Forbes 100 COOL Brands. Printre acestia s-au aflat Vali Barbulescu (artist vizual), Tibi Hristu (scenograf), Oana Toma (antreprenor, experience curator), Florin Stanciu (genetician), Adina Rosetti (journalist), Bogdan Daragiu (regizor), Anamaria Hancu (specialist comunicare) si Maria Moldovan (designer).

Aperol a demonstrat inca o data ca este unul dintre cele mai valoroase branduri din Romania. Iar recunoasterea caracterului COOL si premiul castigat alimenteaza in continuare personalitatea unica a brandului Aperol. Premiul a fost oferit in cadrul Galei 100 COOL Brands de catre Vali Barbulescu, important leader de opinie si personalitate publica COOL.