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[EN][EL] Dali honours Photos Photiades by renaming an avenue after him

Dali honours Photos Photiades by renaming an avenue after him

Great article in the leading newspaper of Cyprus “Phileleftheros” about our president and founder Dr Photos Photiades following the naming of Photos Photiades Avenue in Dali municipality.

It’s a recognition of his admirable business and social work, Mayor Kallenos underlines

“Nature that has privileged our small island with very special beauty and grace, has also offered us exceptional men throughout its long history. One of the few and special scions of  our  country  is  without  any  doubt  the  modern  “Maikinas”  and  our  valuable  citizen  Mr. Photos Photiades. This week our city council unanimously declared him a Great Benefactor of Dali, exactly as he is recognised by the majority of Cypriots.  The council has also decided to dedicate “Photos Photiades Avenue” to him, as an honour and gratitude of his multiform unique and special work, that has totally changed the economy and the social and cultural web of this whole city.” Using this words, the Mayor of the City of Dali Leontios Kallenos proceeded in unveiling “Photos Photiades Avenue”.

During  his  speech  the  Mayor  also  underlined  that  “the  measurement  of  the  quality  of  a person depends on how he is perceived by the people close to him and his own family. In the case of Photos Photiades we are talking about adoration. Mainly though it his the erception of the personnel of his companies. Everyone, old and new employees of Photos Photiades Group consider him as an outstanding and exemplary employer, an polite and affectionate but very demanding  at  the  same  time  person. They consider service under Photos Photiades a life university that educates and trains them, rewards them adequately and above all offers them the means to succeed and advance in the society. Everyone is extremely happy.”

The  honours  that  Mr  Photiades  has  received  in  Cyprus  and  abroad  are  countless,  the mayor pointed. The most recent ones were by the Church of Greece, by the President of Italy that has presented him the title of the Great Commander “Grande Official della Stella d’ Italia” and by the Danish government. The Queen of Denmark referred to Mr. Photos Photiades as the founder of the globalisation of the Carlsberg production. During the past June, the prominent publishing group of Cyprus “Phileleftheros” classified him as one of the “Great Cypriots”, characterising him as the “Patriarch of Cyprus Business”, a lord and a nobleman, the Mayor said.

Closing his speech, Mayor Kallenos called upon Minister of Transport Mr. Marios Demetri-ades, who made the unveiling of the Avenue, asking for the state to proceed in honouring the Great Cypriot Mr. Photos Photiades as he deserves.

The benefits from Photos Photiades Group’s operations Mr Kallenos also referred to the innumerable benefits Dali and the broader region have enjoyed by the presence of Photiades’ groups operations in the area. “Our land has turned from cheap agricultural fields into very expensive housing plots, for the interest of every Dali citizen. Our community has multiplied its population by more than four times, enjoying prosperity and growth. The scientific, cultural and charity “Photos Photiades Foundation”, a jewel for our country, as well as the Museum of National History, are only samples of the broader social responsibility Mr Photiades has shown.

The historic Carlsberg Festival was the biggest and most significant event in Cyprus for decades.  Tenths  of  thousands  of  people  were  gathering  to  enjoy  and  admire  the  most prestigious stars go Cyprus, Greece and abroad. Thousands of refugee families were supported by the income of the festival, after the Turkish invasion in 1974.


Mr Photiades belongs to the great, Minister of Transport says The virtues, the insight, the unquestionable wisdom, the love for his country and the respect  for  every  single  person  are  the  characteristics  accompanying  every  step  Photos Photiades takes, minister Marios Demetriades underlines “Photos Photiades is a self made person, achieved his greatness on his own, and belongs to the that visualised and worked really hard to become great members of our society. It is so just to refer to him as the Patriarch of Cyprus business” Minister of Transport Marios Demetriades said in his own speech.

“The virtues, the insight, the unquestionable wisdom, the love for his country and the respect  for  every  single  person  are  the  characteristics  accompanying  every  step  Photos Photiades  takes”  minister  Marios  Demetriades  continued.  “Most  important  of  course  are his various and multilevel initiatives towards serving our society”.

To add that “the thinking beside his awarding by the historic Trust Youth Organisation, per-fectly summarises the grandeur of his personality and all that he has offered to our country. On a personal level, Mr Photiades belongs to the elite of the distinguished and philanthropist members of the Cyprus society. He combines as many few the high virtues of integrity and wisdom, as well as genuine and pure patriotism so perfectly shown in his various articles that so crucially address the challenges our country faces. His social work is so important and never ending.”

Praising  his  work  Mr  Demetriades  supported  that  it  classifies  him  as  much  more  than strictly a pure businessman. “Mr Photiades is a personality of international range, an acknowledged businessman and above all a caring human being that has been honoured by governments like the ones of Denmark and Italy” he said.

Concluding his speech, the Minister referred to the city of Dali, saying that “Today it is an extremely important day for your Municipality. You honour the man  who  contributed  the most in upgrading you economical, social and cultural life. You honour the man that triggered at the beginning of the 60’s the rapid growth you enjoy in this region of our country.

Λεωφόρος Φώτου Φωτιάδη στο Δήμο Ιδαλίου 

Αφιέρωμα της μεγαλύτερης σε κυκλοφορία εφημερίδας “Ο Φιλελεύθερος” στον Πρόεδρο και Ιδρυτή του Ομίλου μας Δρα Φώτο Φωτιάδη μετά την απόφαση του Δήμου Ιδαλίου να τον τιμήσει αφιερώνοντας του τη “Λεωφόρο Φώτος Φωτιάδης”.