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Acqua Panna

Acqua Panna is proud of a long history. Legend says that its estate dates as far back as the Renaissance period, to the days of the famed de Medici family of Florence. The de Medici’s were known for their sumptuous banquets and their love for fine wine and food and, the lore has it, this way these Renaissance gourmet secured themselves a constant supply of fresh mineral water for daily …Read More

S. Pellegrino

S. Pellegrino is all about togetherness, bonding around food and sharing. It sparkles like delicious moments with close friends, making people enjoy the unique experience of socializing in taste and elegance, while appreciation for fine food, laughter and conversation seamlessly merge around the table. A philosophy with no geographical or cultural barriers of any kind: whatever language you speak, live in Italian. S. Pellegrino is one of the world’s best …Read More