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S. Pellegrino

S. Pellegrino

S. Pellegrino is all about togetherness, bonding around food and sharing. It sparkles like delicious moments with close friends, making people enjoy the unique experience of socializing in taste and elegance, while appreciation for fine food, laughter and conversation seamlessly merge around the table. A philosophy with no geographical or cultural barriers of any kind: whatever language you speak, live in Italian.

S. Pellegrino is one of the world’s best known and most enjoyed Italian products because of its image and unmistakable taste, but also because of the excellent quality ensured at the San Pellegrino plant every day, with competence and passion. The whole bottling process takes place inside this plant, which is one of the most complex, most advanced in Europe. In 1899, the Società Anonima delle Terme di San Pellegrino, owner of the thermal spring of the same name, starts bottling the water for sale: the S.Pellegrino sparkling mineral water is born; after only 5 years, the facilities are already producing 50,000 bottles a day. Today, Sanpellegrino is now one of the Italian companies with the greatest growth and success: in the 2010, the important milestone of one-billion bottles produced in one year has been reached.

At the S. Pellegrino Terme plant, built in 1961, there are 10 active top-quality bottling lines, which operate 24 hours a day, satisfying the demand for mineral water, soft drinks and aperitifs in more than 120 countries around the world. The plant employs over 400 people (a fifth of whom are women). In order to ensure the exceptionality of S.Pellegrino mineral water, great attention is placed on monitoring all the packaging materials as well. Therefore, the internal quality division performs conformity controls on the bottles, caps, labels, glues, boxes and cans to ensure that they meet up to the quality standards established by the company and the ISO 22000 food safety standards.


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