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Badoit is a natural sparkling mineral water that comes from the well-protected St-Galmier spring in France, which, has been praised for its qualities since 1778. Badoit unique mineral composition helps to feel light after fine dining while its unique delicate taste is activated from its long-lasting fine bubbles. It is the Νο#1 sparkling mineral water in France for fine dining and famous chefs recommend it. Since 2009, Badoit is available …Read More


In 1789, the French Nobel awarded Marquis de Lessert, while he was walking along enjoying the refreshing air of the Alps, drank water from a spring. As he liked the taste, he returned later and vowed that the pure and refreshing water, healed his sickly kidneys. The spring became famous for its healing abilities and its natural purity. Evian, the city located in the French Alps, became a destination of …Read More