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Vodka & Vodka based drinks


The new triple distilled vodka that gets the party started. Our exciting flavors and cool packaging are unique, there’s no other vodka out there like Ursus. Ursus is Latin for “bear.” Our bears represent the bold and cold nature of Ursus vodka and flavors  chill the bottle and find out why.

Ursus Roter

Distilled from fine grain, produced with vodka and natural sloe berries according to the original Icelandic recipe. Urus Roter is the only red vodka drink. A unique blend of pure Ursus Vodka and the subtle sweetness of sloe berries. The result is a delicate, very mixable vodka drink. Enjoy Ursus Roter straight, on the rocks or mixed in your favourite soft drinks or juices. The possibilities are endless. Surprise yourself. …Read More

Ketel One

Ketel One is inspired by over 300 years and 10 generations of Nolet family spirits distilling passion and expertise. The brand is built on one-to-one conversations with the bartending community creating a unique fraternity of Ketel One drinkers. Ketel One is derived from Distilleerketel #1, a Dutch word meaning potstill. It has a sincere attitude, honest conviction and true story. It is crisp and sophisticated, wheat-based, ultra-premium vodka, using copper …Read More