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Sparkling Wine

Grande Vento – Prosecco

Grande Vento is a white, dry sparkling wine Prosecco, with bright yellow colour and green shadings. Aromatic notes from green apple and white flowers. It has fresh, elegant and gentle flavor with balanced acidity. A wonderful accompaniment with variety of dishes and tastes such as cheese, pasta, seafood and sushi. Ideally served as aperitif and appetizer. Served at 7-9°C .

Sant΄ Evasio Moscato

Moscato d’Asti Docg was already produced in Monferrato area in the XIII century. The cultivation of Muscat, the most widespread specie of vine in Piedmont, is very old, too: the Statutes of the Commune of Canelli gave evidence of this back in 1200. Giovan Battista Croce, a Milanese jeweller, improved this vine cultivation and the procedure to transform Moscato wine at the end of the XVI century; he spoke about …Read More

Sant΄ Evasio Brachetto

It derives from brachetto grapes cultivated on the hills of San Nicolao and Acqui Terme characterized by expositions that are able to developed so particular colours and bouquets. It has a middle intensity ruby red colour, an aromatic bouquet typical of withered rose and hints of moss. It’s taste is sweet, soft and delicate. Depending on the maturity of the grapes harvesting takes place between 1st and 10th of September. The …Read More