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Sparkling Wine

Grande Vento – Prosecco

Grande Vento is a white, dry sparkling wine Prosecco, with bright yellow colour and green shadings. Aromatic notes from green apple and white flowers. It has fresh, elegant and gentle flavor with balanced acidity. A wonderful accompaniment with variety of dishes and tastes such as cheese, pasta, seafood and sushi. Ideally served as aperitif and appetizer. Served at 7-9°C .

Söhnlein Brillant Rosé

Söhnlein Brillant Rosé, the salmon-pink extension to this successful range, is a sparkling wine with a well-balanced taste for all occasions, and is particularly enjoyable in the summer. This dry cuvée of fresh wines from classical grapes has a delicate bouquet with echoes of red berry fruits and finely sparkling bubbles that linger in the glass. As a genuine reflection of contemporary taste Söhnlein Brillant Rosé truly distinguishes itself – …Read More

Söhnlein Brillant

Since 1964 Söhnlein Brillant has been one of the dominant brands in the mid-price segment of the market for German sparkling wines. This brand has been consistently developed with great care, and this has been worth the effort – as Söhnlein Brillant is now the brand with the best image in its class. Its attractive appearance makes a considerable contribution to desirability and value of this product, consequently Söhnlein Brillant …Read More

Deinhard Rosé

The fresh design of the bottle of this rosé sparkling wine already whets our appetite for its contents. Salmon pink with deep orange reflexes, echoes of quinces and mandarins in its bouquet, eminently palatable with a character of fresh fruit – very attractive and tempting! Video  

Henkell Trocken Blanc de Blancs

A sparkling specialty produced with great care exclusively from white grapes. Henkell Blanc de Blancs will inspire you to enjoy the most wonderful moments of life. An elegant sparkler with subtle class and exciting freshness. A unique composition exclusively crafted from the white grape varieties cultivated in traditional European winegrowing regions. Fine, subtle aromas of golden apple, Bartlett pear and butterscotch. Immediately fresh, a very rich, exceptional sparkler, fruity with …Read More

Henkell Trocken Kardinal

Deep red in the glass, Henkell Trocken Kardinal’s color is an indication of the elegance of splendid red berries and the characteristically rich bouquet that awaits the taster. Classic, bubbly pleasure, a lively cuvee with full – bodied, fresh taste easily befriends sparkling wine connoisseurs, who find pleasure in velvety red, finely effervescent sparkling specialities. A dry composition of the classic Blaufrankisch and Zweigeit grapes, 100% of which come from …Read More

Henkell Trocken Rosé

A very different rosé. Dry instead of sweet, exciting instead of boring, delicately effervescent instead of brash – simply put: Henkell. Ideally suited for any occasion, the deliciously delicate fruity taste of this sparkler with its fresh bubbly character is delightful. A dry blend of classic grape varieties cultivated in traditional European wine regions.A fresh aroma of red berries underscored by a slight note of caramel.Fresh, harmonious, fruity with a …Read More

Henkell Trocken

Henkell Trocken is a byword for dry sparkling wine. A fully mature composition of excellent wines, Henkell Trocken id perfect blended from traditional grape varieties. Enjoy Henkell Trocken as you prefer, the fresh, harmoniously balanced taste will continue to surprise and delight your senses with each sip! A dry blend of classic grape varieties cultivated in traditional European wine regions. Refreshingly aromatic with subtle tropical fruit aromas. Fresh, balanced with …Read More