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Soft Drink

ENA juices

ENA Juice was launched in 1996. Today its range consists of a) the 100% natural juice line with ENA Orange and ENA Apple. b) the nectar juice line with ENA United Fruit which includes 5 different flavors (made out of 8 fruits each) c) ENA fruitdrink for kids. All ENA flavors are available in 1L and 250ml tetrapack packaging. Video


KEAN Soft Drinks has a portfolio of 72 top of the scale quality products presented in the latest packaging technology and modern design. The 60 years of production experience, quality commitment, innovative products and exciting marketing has earned the brand many awards in the Fruit Juice and Soft Drinks Industry. The KEAN products can be enjoyed in more than 40 countries worldwide and the production capacity offers contract packing facilities. …Read More