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Carlsberg Classic

Carlsberg Classic combines a rich, full flavour taste with the characteristic Carlsberg smoothness and elegance. It is a darker expression of probably the best beer in the world.  


Carlsberg is the No1 selling Beer in Cyprus and one of the fastest growing beer brands worldwide. It is a Danish Pilsner, synonymous with international sports and music sponsorship that is popular with regular and occasional beer drinkers of all ages. Since 1969, Carlsberg has been brewed and bottled locally in Cyprus by Photos Photiades Breweries Ltd – proud of the fact that it holds the first-ever brewing license awarded by …Read More


Leon beer is back to remind us life’s true values of the past as well as to enjoy simple things in life. LEON beer is a top quality product that is brewed using the very high standards of raw material selection and processing as Carlsberg beer. Two types of the highest quality malts (lager and dark roasted malt) are used for making LEON offering a distinguished malty character to the …Read More

Krauzer Bräu

Krauzer Bräu has all the fundamental characteristics of a great beer, offering a full, rich flavor that is both balanced and complex. Copper colored pour with a thick, off white head. Light aroma carries toasty malt to the nose. The toasty sweet malt continues through the flavor with the first sip. Hops are subdued but balanced – the hop bitterness is firm. Spices don’t show up till the end. It …Read More