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Volcanic Slopes Vineyards

Volcanic Slopes Vineyards winery’s history goes back to the 18th century, as it was originally established as a “canava”. “Canava” in the local dialect of Santorini describes the place where the wine was made and stored. This Greek winery is located in Santorini, a volcanic island, world known for the unique vineyards and history of winemaking.

Volcanic Slopes Vineyards winery produces exclusively a single wine called ‘Pure’. ‘Pure’ is a white dry wine, made of 100% Assyrtiko, the grape variety that thrives in Santorini. The wine ferments in cement vats, following the traditional method of winemaking of Santorini and ages for 14 months on the lees before bottling, which allows its luscious and complex character to reveal.

A single sip is able to give you a tour around Santorini’s volcanic terroir and introduce you to a new world of pure, timeless elegance.

It is perfectly paired with shellfish, raw seafood and fish, sashimi, tartat and ceviche, aged yellow cheeses and dried mushrooms.


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