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The Singleton of Dufftown

The Singleton of Dufftown

The city of Dufftown is a small market town in the heart of Speyside and was founded in 1817 by the fourth Earl of Fife, James Duff. The Earl was a local laird and built Dufftown, initially named Balvenie, to give employment after the Napoleonic Wars.

Dufftown Distillery – a converted meal mill – was founded in Speyside in 1896, and still draws its pure water from the same spring. The village of Dufftown promotes itself as the Malt Whisky Capital of the World and its longstanding reputation for producing some of the finest whisky in Scotland goes unchallenged.

The newest single malt whisky brand is the The Singleton of Dufftown. It is a rich, smooth-tasting, enjoyable and well-balanced whisky, which has been matured in both American (bourbon) and European (sherry) oak casks. It is stylishly packaged in a traditional but distinctive 19th century-style blue glass flask. The bottle and the label’s unique colourways and specially designed typography, capture the essence of whisky packaging in the late 19th century. It is sold in a stylish manila-coloured gift presentation, carrying a historic photograph of the distillery.

The Singleton of Dufftown is aimed at people who have an interest in single malt but who are perhaps trying malt whisky for the first time. This new whisky is a highly enjoyable malt, promising a rich and accessible taste experience for both newcomers to malt whisky and connoisseurs in Europe. ‘Dufftown’ clearly shows the malt’s distillery provenance.


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Nutrition information:

Alcohol by volume 40%
per 1.5 oz serving
Energy 404 kJ
Energy 98 kcal
Protein 0 g
Carbohydrate Trace
Fat 0 g
Alcohol per Serving 14 g

By law, Scotch Whisky must be wholly matured in Scotland, in oak casks for a period of not less than three years and to which no substance other than water and spirit caramel has been added. Caramel has traditionally been added only to adjust the colour of the batched product to match the standard of the specific brand.

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