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Sant΄ Evasio Moscato

Sant΄ Evasio Moscato

Moscato d’Asti Docg was already produced in Monferrato area in the XIII century. The cultivation of Muscat, the most widespread specie of vine in Piedmont, is very old, too: the Statutes of the Commune of Canelli gave evidence of this back in 1200.

Giovan Battista Croce, a Milanese jeweller, improved this vine cultivation and the procedure to transform Moscato wine at the end of the XVI century; he spoke about it in a book titled “About the excellence and difference of the wines produced on the mountain of Turin, and how to produce them”.

It has a straw-yellow colour with light golden tones. A intense bouquet, typical of the grapes, with hints of peach, sage and lemon. It’s taste is sweet, intense, delicate, with a good natural effervescence and acacia flower aftertaste.

Harvesting starts approximately on 10th of September.The grapes are pressed, and the must obtained is chilled immediately at zero degrees, in order to prevent fermentation. Afterwards, the suspended solid particles are removed, keeping a constant temperature of about zero degrees in autoclave.

To prepare Moscato, finally, we bring the must to a temperature of 18°C and we add the selected yeasts. When the must reaches an alcoholic content of 4,5-5,5 degrees, the fermentation is stopped through refrigeration. The wine is filtrated again and bottled.

The ideal serving temperature is 6-8°C and the suitable glasses to serve it are dessert wines.


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