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Raspberry Liqueur

Raspberry Liqueur

Gabriel Boudier is a family owned company founded in Dijon in 1874. At the beginning of the 20th century there were over 54 companies in Dijon making fruit liqueurs, today there are just six and Gabriel Boudier is the only one that is still independently owned.

Gabriel Boudier exports to 72 countries – Japan being one of the most important -and their iconic Crème de Cassis is recognised all over the world. The original Crème de Cassis de Dijon presentation with its square bottle and Art Nouveau label has never changed.

Provides a wide range of liqueurs based around the most famous product of the company Crème de cassis.

This liqueur is made from raspberries from Scotland and Burgundy.

A small dose of raspberry brandy is added to the raspberries while they are being macerated in alcohol. It is important to note that raspberries macerate to a much lesser degree than cassis (blackcurrants) because the fruit is more delicate. It is advisable not to « cook » the raspberries with too high a degree of alcohol in order to avoid jammy or baked flavours rather than the taste of fresh fruit. We should not forget that even during maceration, the cell of the fruit is still a living material. This mildly sweetened liqueur retains the most delicate aromas of raspberry.


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