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Pommery Cuvée Louise Rosé

Pommery Brut Royal

Pommery owes it to itself to celebrate this new vintage with dignity and respect. The Cuvée Louise Pommery, now available as a rosé, just had to be the living witness.

It’s color is close to those pale, slightly amber pinks which are indicative of fine maturity and a promising delicacy.
The effervescence attains a rare quality. The extreme finesse of its bubbles that constantly rise in the lass is the proof.
This wine has the capacity to show very great class whilst remaining, at the same time, very accessible. It opens up in the glass to reveal the aromas of small woodland strawberries combined with white fruit like the peach along with a few notes of apple. On the palate, the wine shows no hint of harshness.

It is the epitome of gentleness, charm and length. All the olfactory perceptions turn into gustatory sensations full of emotion. It leaves a memory of suaveness but also of freshness and infinity on the mouth.




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