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Konig is the first premium pilsner of Germany. Its name has nobility, as in German means king. It was first brewed in 1858 by Theodor Konig who is consider the “father” of premium beers in Germany. Konig is known worldwide for its high quality.

The Konig’s Pilsner unique flavor is a combination of top quality materials and the old traditional way of brewing. For this reason, Konig is today one of the most known pilsner beers internationally.

Blonde in color. The perfect combination of malt barley, hops and yeast provide an intense pleasant bitter and malt taste with strong hops feeling in finish. Its alcohol content is 4.9%.




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The core raw materials in beer are the natural products barley malt, hops, yeasts and water, but many other ingredients can be added to the brew in order to e.g. obtain specific aromas or colours.

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