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Carlsberg Beer

Ettal Monastery was founded by Emperor Louis IV, the Bavarian, on 28 April 1330. In the 15th and 16th century, the monastery had its own brewery in nearby Oberammergau. The brewery was established at Ettal Monastery in 1609. Alongside agriculture, the monastery brewery is the oldest operation of the Ettal Benedictine Abbey. Beer has been brewed here on a continuous basis for more than 400 years. To date, Benediktiner wheat beer has been brewed for the German and Austrian market solely in Ettal. For some of the export markets, the production is done under the supervision of the monastery at the Licher Privatbrauerei, which is rich in tradition. Benediktiner is a wheat beer that is brewed according to the original recipe of the Benedictine monks.

Among the most popular beer types is Weiss beer, which is originated from Bavaria. For the production of Weiss beer a significant proportion of malt barley is replaced by wheat malt. According to the German law, beers that belong to this category and are produced in Germany must be of high fermentation. For the production of Weiss beer special yeast types are used, which create fruity flavours and distinctive aromas. It was named Weiss, because of its different colour from other beers of Munich, when it was brewed for the first time.


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The core raw materials in beer are the natural products barley malt, hops, yeasts and water, but many other ingredients can be added to the brew in order to e.g. obtain specific aromas or colours.

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