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Akvinta is carefully crafted using premium ingredients such as alcohol distilled from finest quality wheat and a revolutionary Quintuple Filtration system that uses five natural filters to purify the water and the finished product in turn.   When tasted, Akvinta has a distinctive but subtle aftertaste – just like spring water tastes when compared to plain table water.

The name Akvinta is derived from Latin, the language used for centuries throughout the entire Mediterranean. It was composed of a combination of three Latin words:
AQUA means “water”, the key ingredient of vodka´s smoothness
QUINTA means “five” and refers to the unique Quintuple Filtration™ process
VINUM means “wine”, the traditional beverage of Mediterranean.
Akvinta was made with the intention of being as sophisticated among spirits as the finest wines are in their own market.

The packaging is an inviting window into the world of Akvinta   The bottle was designed by famous British design studio Lewis Moberly and is made from a premium crystal clear glass to emphasize the purity and clarity of Akvinta. It has a hand applied ‘Quintuple Filtration’ seal signifying its quality; a patented French red glaze on the bottom of the bottle adding Mediterranean warm, colour and style, a luxurious gold V in the logo, and a specially developed tamper proof closure.
The bottle has won several prestigious International Design Awards including the Mobius Award for Design and Packaging.




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Nutrition information:

Alcohol by volume 40%
per 1 oz serving
Energy 67 kcal
Protein 0 g
Carbohydrate Trace
Fat 0 g

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