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AGROS Mineral Water

Agros Mineral Water

AGROS Natural Mineral water was launched in the local market in 1998.

The AGROS Natural Mineral water source is located at the village of Agros in the mountain range of Troodos. The springs of Agros village, enriched for centuries by six streams, are the only springs in Cyprus that have never dried over time. The natural process through the rocky mountain of Troodos, gives AGROS Natural Mineral Water, a unique, soft and rich composition.

AGROS Natural Mineral Water comes straight from the spring on your table, without being touched by a human hand in the process. Investing in the latest technological achievement of world-renowned company SIDEL, the new bottling factory of AGROS Water uses the most advanced technology in the bottling procedure.

It is worth noting that AGROS, was the first local bottled water to receive the EU source recognition as “Natural Mineral Water“.

AGROS Natural Mineral Water is the first water in Cyprus to have won the FSSC2000 certification, among all other certificates, verifying its ongoing effort to maintain high quality and pioneering in the food safety.

Since 2000, AGROS has been the official sponsor of the Cyprus Tennis Federation.




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