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7 ΠΛΑΓΙΕΣ (7 Hillsides), Aelios, Xynisteri – Semillon – Chardonnay

7 ΠΛΑΓΙΕΣ (7 Hillsides), Aelios, Xynisteri - Semillon - Chardonnay

The local variety Xynisteri which forms the backbone of this wine mingles with the cosmopolitan varieties Semillon and Chardonnay in this unique blend.

The mountainous vineyards of Paphos, the brief and gentle pressing process, the fermentation at 16ºC, as well as the maturing of a significant proportion of the wine for 4-6 months in new oak barrels, produce this particular and rich white wine which is best enjoyed with fish, white meats, creamy pasta and soft cheese.

By utilizing the know-how acquired through the creation and operation of the Kyperounda vineyards and winery, the group has established in 2009 a new wine making company, “Photos Photiades Wineries ltd”. The company has carefully selected the best mountainous vineyards in the Pafos region for the creation of two new ranges of wine that typify the best that the indigenous grape varieties of Cyprus have to offer, either in a single grape composition or in a combination with foreign varieties.

7 Playies (7 Hillsides) range, named after the morphology of the vineyards used in the creation of the wine, comprises four labels: Xynisteri (white, dry), Xynisteri & Moschato (white, semi-sweet), Mourvedre & Syrah (rose) and Lefkada & Cabernet Sauvignon (red, dry). The premium range presented by Photos Photiades wineries ltd is made up of two labels: “Aelios” (white, dry) and “Selana” (red, dry). Aelios and Selana are aged in oak barrels for 6 and 12 months, respectively.

The guidelines for vinification of the 7 Playies (7 Hillsides) range and “Aelios” and “Selana” have been carefully developed by the oenologists of Photos Photiades Wineries ltd. The vinification takes place under strict supervision by the aforementioned oenologists at the state of the art Kamanterena winery, which is located very near to the vineyards in question.


White, Dry

Drink Responsibly
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